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London Vintage Paint Company

London Vintage Paint Company was born after working with a multitude of different paints over 20 years and getting frustrated with having to use so many different products depending on the finish required.

We have a long varied history of painting furniture and interior design. Over the years we have used various paints and finishes technique’s on our projects and have watched as paint has evolved to make painting easier over this time. Gone are the days of having to strip everything down to the bare wood before starting to think about painting using undercoats and top coats etc.

We have used our experience and knowledge to produce an all in one paint that is easy to use with no compromise on results. Our paint is standalone due to the flexibility of different finishes in one tin. With our enhancer you can achieve your choice of paint finish from pure smooth to enhanced French rustic. London Vintage Paint is so versatile, it will cover most surfaces including fabrics, glass, plastic and metal. It can also be watered down to use as a wood stain, washed look and also put through a spray gun.

With no need for waxing, varnishes or lacquer, our paint will buff with a soft cloth to produce a stunning durable result. Adding waxes or varnishes if you choose to do so will give you more durability on those hard waring surfaces.

With the combination of top quality ingredients and rich pigments, coverage is superb and all of this in a water based paint with low VOCS!!

Our mission when we started to design our paint with the paint technicians was to produce an easy to use paint with fantastic coverage, the choice of different finishes and no need for waxing at a low price all in one tin ( BIG ASK!! ) but after lots of conversations and testing London Vintage had there formula and were ready to share with the world. Spread the colour

We really have a paint for every finish for everyone!!!!
LocationRamsgate CT12 5FQ
Phone03330 062709

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